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I know I love you before I got the chance to hold you, I know your name even before you are born, I know that it is possible to love someone at first glance. My life would surely change,but I warmly embrace it.. I love to rearrange my life schedule, I would love to spent half of my life with you. There will be no more days where I feel alone and lost, no more meaningless times. Every second, every minute would be precious. I will help you out with your assignments on weekdays, saturdays are for us to goof around, sundays are for house party where we could do some   stuff together, outdoor picnics, board games, video games, everything you wanted to do. I don’t care if it’s out of my preferences, I’m quite sure I would learn to love that when I’m doing it with you..I guess being your dad would be the most overwhelming title that I could ever have.