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Guy's Confessions.
Kuya, ano po masasabi niyo dito? Hmm, m.u sila na may 10years age gap. Mas matanda si lalaki.

"Age doesn’t matter". Old but true. Akala nyo lang big deal yung age kasi nag-aaral pa kayo. Later on, pag nasa marriage age na kayo, it won’t matter na. To you or to everyone,hindi ka na nila ijujudge  kung yun man yung iniisip mo.

Ang inactive mona

Yeah, been really busy. Sorry :(

  1. Do you still think of me as much as you did before? Because I still do.
  2. Is it okay if I’ll call? I just miss your voice.
  3. Probably you know that I don’t talk that much over the phone before because hearing you giggle or  your non sense talk is enough. It’s kinda unfair to you but that’s true. And hey, I’ve changed. I’ve learned something. I guess I can crack up some jokes and make you laugh. My turn this time.
  4. I’ve actually practiced your favorite songs. I want to sing it for you.
  5. This morning, while I’m on my way to work, I’ve seen couple holding hands and I stare until I feel electrocuted. And that’s when I realize I was imagining of your finger tips touching mine.
  6. Hey, he’s probably serious.  Maybe he’s good for you. You could really make a  wonderful couple but yeah fckyou.
  7. Been dialing your number, it rang but I cancelled because I’m scared, that maybe you’re with someone else.
  8. I’m sorry for everything, I know it doesn’t make sense. Its all mix up. It gets complicated but I wish I could take that pain away, bring back the rainbow and that smile on your face.
  9. I wonder if I still have the same effect on you.
  10. I was planning to delete your number tomorrow, but tomorrow never ends.
  11. Call me.
  12. I love you as much as I did before, no, no. I love you more than I did.
  13. Look back, I’m waiting
  14. Please

(L.M) 14 drunken text I wasn’t able to send.

I know I’ve said that you could
forget about me
forget about us
forget about our
midnight laughs
and I know I’ve
said hundred words
that have made you cry
that I walked away
without looking back
and I am aware
that along the way
you’d find someone
who could mend 
your broken heart
and I should be happy
for you but I’m not.

( L . P )  Stuck between wanting to let you go and keeping you in my arms

Not a coffee drinker but I can actually hit 2 cups when I’m stress.

Not a coffee drinker but I can actually hit 2 cups when I’m stress.